Paper accessories can be so transformative for your jewelry collection- especially paper accessories that are made from recycled paper- even better!

Here at Cat G Design, 80% of the paper earrings are created from recycled paper, whether it’s images cut from magazine pages or an old antique greeting card. That’s the magic of our earrings – you will find unique designs and images that you won’t find anywhere else.

Furthermore, paper accessories are very lightweight, unlike beaded or metal jewelry. For example: So if you have gauges, or used to have gauges, and your earlobes are stretched a bit, you can hook these paper earrings into your holes and they won’t drag your lobes down. Even if you have small gauges in, you can still hook these unique earrings onto your gauges and let them hang there! (I’ve seen it in action, works like a charm 😉 )

At Cat G Design, we do have a collection of paper bracelets as well as earrings created from construction paper, and other decorative papercraft. The paper aisle at Michael’s is SO TEMPTING!! It always draws me in. Sometimes, the paper earrings are a mix of both papercraft and recycled paper.

Paper accessories are a great way to lighten up your jewelry collection, and maybe you’ll find that unique, one-of-a-kind design that SPEAKS to you. Pile on the color and imagery…without weighing down your earlobes!