Remember when you learned in biology class that the mitochondria was the “powerhouse of the cell”? Am I dating myself? 

Well, jewelry accessories are the powerhouse of your outfit. You can be wearing the chicest dress, with a bomb ass pair of shoes, but the look will be flat without any accessories. Put on a necklace and a couple of drop earrings, and bam! Your outfit is elevated 100%. 

I have always had a fascination with all accessories, but especially jewelry accessories. I’m a firm believer in that the space on someone’s body that is not covered by clothing, should be decorated with accessories (or tattoos, that’s an option too). The right accessories will pull together an outfit and can turn just a simple white t-shirt and jeans look into something much fiercer. 


I have been wearing earrings longer than any other type of accessory, and am debating getting the top of my ear pierced again. I feel like earrings got pushed out of the way with all these mask wearing days we’ve been through. OR does it mean that we need to modify our danglys for earrings that are longer, and a bit more wild, to make their own statement alongside the masks? 


A pet peeve of mine is when a woman wears a low cut shirt, with nothing covering that space on her chest. That’s so boring! A choker, or a necklace will make that shirt pop! You can do so much with this chest space- this is your canvas where you will decide what kind of fashion statement your outfit is going to be- goth, grunge, classic, contemporary, hippie or boho? (I am forever hoping that 90s chokers come back, I’m a bit obsessed with them). 


  There are people who can load up every finger with rings, and it seems so effortless, almost like their fingers grew the damn things. I tend to go through phases – I will be obsessed for a while, and make an effort of putting them on in the morning, and patiently taking them off every time I go to the bathroom. And that’s what always gets me- the work needed to keep them away from water as much as possible. I know there is jewelry out there that is designed to be as waterproof as possible, but the older, vintage pieces I am drawn to definitely do not like the well water my home and office run on. The shape of your hands and fingers is an important factor, as well. 


  Again, there are people who stack the bracelets ten deep on each arm, and they manage to make it look  effortless. I love a good thin metal bracelet stack, and I also love the colorful elastic ones that look like hair ties. Bracelets look good with a long sleeve pushed up, or a summery short sleeve. I don’t even mind the tan lines. One bracelet is a staple for me – I do wear this wrist ruler every day and I love it. Bracelets can be tricky, for the same water issue as rings. If the bracelet is nice and stretchy, then you just slide that beauty up further on your forearm. 

Balancing the right kind and amount of accessories is a skill that might take years and endless hours of studying the fashion magazines to hone. The important thing is to be passionate about your accessories and have fun with them! Play around with different materials, different color schemes. Go heavy with accessories, or just try a fine gold necklace with a cute charm. Seek out vintage pieces that speak to you! Accessories will make you feel more confident, as you go through the day and collect compliments from people.

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