Spring has been a bit of a Goliath for me most of my life. I have realized over time that the warmer months of the year are my hibernation season. Backwards, I know.
Maybe it’s because I’m a winter baby, all I know is that it’s a struggle for me to enjoy the heat and sun. (Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker?)

Once the temperatures rise above 70 degrees F, I start to feel very tired and unmotivated. It’s harder than normal to stay focused and all I want is escapism (I mean, more than normal). Summertime is when I tend to slow down on the jewelry business, and instead read a lot of books, and work on my various ongoing writing projects. Every year that I’ve had this business, I’ve totally slacked off during the warmer months. This year, I’m DETERMINED to keep on cranking out the lightweight jewelry that you love.

This season, I’m going to try my best to stay active with CGD. One change I’ve implemented, as I discussed in this previous blog post, I created a basement studio. Being in the basement (which on hot days, is a good 25 degrees cooler than my upstairs studio) will hopefully keep me less cranky and sluggish! I will really try to stay consistent with 3 new releases and website updates each weekend, and I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter here, to make sure you don’t miss any new earrings that get listed!

I wanted to take a moment and explain how this season affects me and the reason why I’m not as active on social media during the summer months. I would love to hear from you if you also “backwards hibernate” like I do! I can’t be the only one. Connect with me on social: @catgdesign (IG & Twitter) and please check out my FB page!

One last thing before I go: I am working on new offerings behind the scenes that will hopefully debut very soon! It will incorporate the recycled magazine images that I love to work with, in a new and fresh way- Stay tuned 😉

Stay Well,


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