Cat G here. I wanted to give my viewers a little bit of background behind Cat G Design and how I settled on papercraft as my medium, particularly, upcycled papercraft.

Cat G Design has gone through many iterations since fall of 2017, when I first opened my Etsy shop. Back then, it was called Cat G Crafts and in early 2018 I changed it to Cat G Design. I thought that “Crafts” gave it too much of a homey, small sound and although I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my business, I knew I wanted it to grow.

I first started with beaded jewelry, which I had been experimenting with for a few years prior. It was with beaded jewelry I got my first couple of sales, which made me happy, but I wasn’t satisfied. There are many very talented beaded jewelry makers out there, but it also a very saturated market, especially on Etsy. I needed to niche down.

From 2018-2019 I played around with several mediums, trying to decided which one felt like “the one”. The medium that I most remember was clay. I even went and bought a toaster oven to bake my little pieces in. But I didn’t like how heavy the pieces are, and how long it took to bake the pieces. I also realized that I’m not fond of the residue that clay leaves behind. It’s not for everyone.

I’m not sure what made me first gravitate to paper, but I suspect it was due to the paper art aisle at Michael’s. That, and the fact that I’ve always been a big bookworm. Paper has been my medium since the early 90s, baby! I am well-acquainted with all kinds of paper.

My paper jewelry journey was further strengthened whenever I went exploring in an antique store, or thrift store, and I would come across a pack of antique greeting cards- usually dusty, rubberbanded together (points if the rubber band disintegrates when you touch it). The designs and colors on old greeting cards is amazing! Honestly, antique greeting card earrings are my favorite type to make- I love breathing new life into them. They’re usually blank, but I have come across some messages scrawled in spidery handwriting. Those make me so curious- did this message reach it’s recipient? How did the card end up in a dusty antique shop?

I do occasionally peruse the paper art aisle at Michaels, although I really try to stick to recycled paper. Those packs of the art paper are so pretty tho! How can you ignore them? Stay out of the damn store, that’s how. Besides, I have a ton of paper that I need to use up so I have no business adding more. (Haha, I say that about my yarn buying too, but you don’t see my stash shrinking.)

I think for the next evolution of Cat G Design paper earrings, I’m going to be playing around with layering. I’ve been building a Pinterest board of awesome designs, and I could also build some badass layered earrings, with unexpected shapes.

That’s another advantage of making paper earrings- they stay so lightweight even when you use multiple pieces for each earring. No one wants heavy earrings that will pull your lobes down like you’re trying to put your gauge days behind you, you know?

In my next post, I’ll discuss the ethical and environmental reasons I work with upcycled papercraft as much as possible.
Thanks for learning about the history of my paper earrings.


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