I found it, guys. I found the shape I was looking for. Let me explain. I’ve been thinking and thinking about what earring shape/type I could recreate relatively quickly and easily, that most people would enjoy wearing. One “issue” about the earrings I create is that a lot of them … Read moreKeep Reading

Happy Halloween! All Hallows Eve! Samhain!…however you celebrate it. In all transparency, I admit that I recently learned the proper pronunciation of Samhain and my mind was blown. But life is a learning journey, right? And I am still a bit of a noob to my own mystical discovery. HOWEVER, … Read moreKeep Reading

Remember when you learned in biology class that the mitochondria was the “powerhouse of the cell”? Am I dating myself?  Well, jewelry accessories are the powerhouse of your outfit. You can be wearing the chicest dress, with a bomb ass pair of shoes, but the look will be flat without … Read moreKeep Reading

Spring has been a bit of a Goliath for me most of my life. I have realized over time that the warmer months of the year are my hibernation season. Backwards, I know. Maybe it’s because I’m a winter baby, all I know is that it’s a struggle for me … Read moreKeep Reading

High end expensive jewelry is often crafted from materials that were dug out of the Earth, usually by children. By now, most people have seen and heard horrible stories of skinny children spending the majority of their lives down in a dark mine, inhaling dangerous particles, working for shit pay, … Read moreKeep Reading