I know it’s so cliche – “New Year, New You!”. It’s been beaten to death, by super optimistic, but often unrealistic people.

HOWEVER for the last couple of months of 2021, I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the Cat G Design website. I was feeling bored with making jewelry and I have been really putting a lot more energy and time into my Poshmark closet, and really, really loving it.

So then- lightbulb! Why don’t I just expand my reselling business into Cat G Design? It fits in with the eco friendly business I’ve been trying to shape all along, and it still gives me the flexibility and variety I crave. I explained more in my weekly newsletter (which is the best way to stay up to date at the changes around here!).

I’m not giving up on my jewelry making, but it will take a backseat for a while while I get the inventory up on the newly redesigned website.

My dream is to be able to offer you a whole closet full of tops, pants, skirts, coats, etc., plus lots and lots of fun accessories (like jewelry!), so that Cat G Design can offer a whole shopping experience. Of course, buying thrift is not for everyone. But if you’ve never tried it, I encourage you to. You can tailor your outfit in the specific way you want, at at least half the cost! You wouldn’t believe the clothing that people decide to donate (I mean, let’s give them credit for donating and not tossing, right?) – brand new pieces with the tags still on them! Gorgeous designer pieces, a hefty price tag still attached! Do you still consider those used? When they’ve never been worn?

So do yourself a favor and sign up for the newsletter, so you get first dibs on the pieces that are listed. I think there might also be a resale group forming very soon as well…. 😉

Stay tuned!

Cat G

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