Are you a multi-maker, or do you only focus on one craft? What is your preferred medium?

This took me three years to find out.

I first started playing around with beaded jewelry back around 2008. And it was enjoyable, but when I started selling it, I was constantly bothered by a lack of specificity. My beaded jewelry was just basic colored beads thrown together. It didn’t excite me, it didn’t light me up, it looked like every other pair of beaded earrings out there. And as much as my eyes are still drawn down the bead aisle at Michaels (so many pretty colors!!), I knew back then that beaded jewelry was not my thing.

I had a very brief dive into clay, but a) I don’t like the feel of clay bits all over my hands b) I hate having to cook my products before selling and c) clay is heavy, even in small pieces. I wanted to be able to make big, colorful pieces, and I just did not have the skill level or enthusiasm. I know there are many very talented clay jewelry makers out there- I drool over their pieces too! I’m just saying that it was not for me.

I went back to beaded jewelry, but to differentiate myself, I decided I would only focus on the monochrome- black, gray and white. If you follow me on social media, you will seen a pic of these black and white striped earrings where I mention this monochromatic phase.

Using paper to create jewelry first occurred to me after going to a Stampin Up! class in 2018. I liked using the metal dies and the small machine to cut out fun shapes. Pretty soon it was a wrap- I bought a mini Sizzix machine and a bunch of dies, and I haven’t looked back since!

Paper totally makes sense for me- I’ve always been a huge bookworm, and I love the smell of paper, whether old antique musty ass paper or crisp sheets from Michael’s. I can tell you that I get the most pleasure out of finding dusty, forgotten paper or cardstock and transforming it into a beautiful pair of earrings. I love that I can create those big flashy pieces I dreamed of back in my clay phase, and with paper, they still weigh next to nothing.

There are so many, many super talented paper artists out there. The designs they create, the fragile amazing sculptures and 3-D shapes are mind blowing! I hope to have a third of their talent someday.

If you are still seeking your medium, I hope you find it soon. Keep trying different crafts, different mediums, different hobbies. Sometimes it takes a few years. Or maybe it’s something you’ve always dabbled in, and it’s time to get serious about it. I wish you the utmost success in your making!

Cat G

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