Hello ye faithful,

I am still here, I know I’ve been quiet on here lately. I’ve been putting some serious work in on my book #BloodSecrets and I can see the finish line….! My writer self has been holding the reins lately, and it always feels like coming home. Writing and being a published author has always been my #1 dream, I’m most happy when I’m putting words down and crafting imaginary peoples and creatures and adventures. I went real old school lately, and have been writing in pencil, in composition notebooks. Nothing beats a nice sharp #2 pencil and a comp book. Hello again, 1996! The words come much faster with this tactile method, and then I transcribe into my Scrivener document.

I haven’t been in the studio much, as honestly I haven’t felt inspired. It’s always been impossible for me to ‘fake the funk’, but I guess I should get better at it. I’ve also been putting more effort towards reselling clothes and accessories through Poshmark, which I really enjoy. Nothing like a good hunt through a thrift store, and finding gems that the doesn’t understand the value of 😉 Selling through Poshmark has been my salve for my ‘Productivity Bug’, if you will.

HOWEVER, as I’m sure you’re all aware, the holidays are fast approaching…so let me get back in the studio and crank out some holiday gems.

Stay tuned!


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