It is finally fall, my favorite season! The trees are just starting to change, the temps are cooler, and time to get cooking!

I had still been trying to shake off my summer lethargy just a few days ago, and was starting to wonder if it was ever going to leave me, as I do every year, around this time. Then a message came through from my aunt in California, with a request for a pair of paw print stud earrings, as a birthday gift for another member of the family.
We worked out the details of the earrings, and by the end of the exchange, I could feel my lethargy and disinterest in making, slip away. I literally felt the change come over me, as much as I felt it settle over me in late spring. It’s such a weird feeling, guys. I know it might sound a bit woo woo, but I swear – it feels like a blanket settles over me/gets pulled off of me. Rather remarkable, actually.

So Aunt Jodi – you are my hero! You have broken the curse of the summer fatigue, and I am grateful for you.

That’s all for now, but the basement studio is active once more, so soon there will be a post about what my fall offerings are, and maybe a sneak peak at holiday stuff??

In the meantime, I hope we are connected on social media? @catgdesign (Twitter & Insta) and please like and follow the facebook page:

Be well,

Cat G

p.s. this custom order made me realize that I should open up a Custom Order collection, where you can see past orders. I don’t guarantee that they are all reproducible, but please ask if you’re interested!

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